Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eli's world

There has been quite a lot of activity in his little world lately. We went to THREE playdates recently--one to the University Art Museum with Samantha and her mom, then to the Scott Park with LOTS of new moms and kiddos, and pretty much the same crowd plus a few at Chick-fil-A today. He has never played with so many kids this often ever!

He also seems to be more aware of his clothing now--he does not like walking around the house in his diaper...he wants shorts and a shirt and will bring them to me or attempt to put them on himself. He does not like if I try taking his shirt off when he is going to eat a messy meal, he covers up his nipples and cries for his shirt. Sometimes he does not like the clothes I dress him in and tries to rip them off, and picks out his OWN outfit....and gets his daddy to help him change into it.

He has picked up a few new words and is repeating things very clearly. He said "brownies" yesterday and now sometimes says "milk" instead of just "mygink." He says "un talk" when he wants to talk on the phone and "kiss em bobo" and points to his ant bites. He understands ownership and points to various things and says whether they are "dadda's," "momma's," or "sissy's," for example) the beer in the fridge is dadda's, and the coke is momma's.

He does not like messes very much and says "uh oh....a mess! a mess!" and wants someone to clean it immediately.

He also is learning to be sneaky. He hid some candy from me, somewhere in this house he has a little stash and eats it as he pleases....I cannot figure out where he is hiding it. (Although he does bring me the empty sucker sticks to throw in the trash when he is done.) If he is told not to go in a certain area (example: behind the counter at the dr's office) he will throw a toy down so he will have a valid excuse to go check it out anyway....this tells me he is very smart. Instead of throwing himself down and pitching a fit, he finds a creative way to successfully complete his little agenda. Very impressive!

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