Thursday, September 24, 2009


this list is con't from a previous post as part of my project to keep track of Eli's 2 year old vocabulary.

finished! (usually when he's done eating)
recently has replaced "yes" with "no" which is difficult (yes=no, no=no)
"i wannnnn it!" (applies to anything and everything)
"go bye bye" he is always wanting to go somewhere, puts on his shoes and brings me my shoes when he gets the urge to go
"un talk" when he wants to call someone on the phone
"touch it" or "pess it" when he wants to push a button on remote, elevator, etc
"WOW!!!" when he sees anything with lots of colors (like the candy store in the mall)
"apooodah" (computer)
Mike-o (Uncle Michael)
Unk--any of his uncles can be "unk"
"where-eee go?" and "hea id is, i fine it!"
shoes! --he loves to point and say shoes, and try on other people's shoes
"shuddup!" (shut up, i honestly don't know where he got that one)
"fwens!" (friends)
"guh" (girl)
it's hot! (before he even GOES outside he announces that it's hot)
"pway" (play)
game, ball game
"eat!!!!!!!!!" while stomping his foot down
"i got it!" and "i did it!"
boingy boingy boingy--when he's jumping on the bed
frog is pronounced minus the r and with a k at the end....sorta like "fok" and fork is the same
"shut" for shirt, peents for pants
"piddy" he wraps clothes around his neck and says "i piddy!" or tells me "you piddy!"
"it's ouch" and "i hurts" or "bo-bo hurts"
"un show you" (i wanna show you)
"pease!!!" (please)
"i fix it!"
"gidddit!" (get it)
"whey!" (over there)
"he-woe, hi!" (hello, hi--his phone greeting)
"keddits" (carrots)
ta-da! (got it from Elmo)

Edited to add: I'm back with a new one: "bo-bo mess," it means blood LOL!!!!!

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