Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Albertson's 10-10-10

Ok...I am a few days late with this one lol. You can double click the pic to make it bigger if you want. In the first pic, besides the cokes and water, is all meat. That plus the steak fingers in the next pic was 170.09. I only paid 95.62. The ribs had a $3 off sticker, and the boneless ribs, pork chops, and sirloin were all B1G2 free. Looking at my receipt I now see I was overcharged on the bacon, it was on sale 2/$5 but I got charged 2.79/ea. So I would be 1.16 richer if not for that--oh wells. 2nd pic is veggies (do fried green beans still count as veggies?) and other frozen stuff. 3rd pic is mostly junk food which I will *try* to avoid eating. The rice cakes were $1/bag. 4th pic is random stuff. The macadamias are for some yummy choc chip cookies I'm going to make soon.

The water was on sale 1.99 for the case--can't beat that. (Well you could if you drink tap but ours is yuck!) The Lean Cuisines were on sale 1.69/ea. I've never had them before but figured they can't be all that bad huh? All the Steamfresh veggies were 1.00/bag. I had coupons for the cinnamon rolls and bagel bites, and then a $30 off a $200 or more purchase from the sale paper. I spent 229.84 and saved 150.24.

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