Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wilmore Family Christmas Wishlist 2010

I can't believe it's that time again! We will be continuing our tradition of getting a gift for another child, we will probably pick a girl this year since last year it was a boy.

clothes - his fave colors are orange and green :)
old navy sweats
sit n spin
knickernappies one size diapers

Eli-- he's still into helicopters, airplanes, Iron Man, Diego, Dinosaur Train. He wears 8.5 shoes

Anniston-- she likes Zoobles, books, and artsy-craftsy stuff.

Corey-- Creationary,  Upwords , Itunes gift cards, or Microsoft Points.

and lastly, me-- this is so hard! i really like Ready Made Magazine...I like starbucks/cc's...

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koalasplash said...

Love ReadyMade! I had forgotten all about it until a few weeks ago. I was cleaning out my extra bedroom & ran across a bunch of old issues I had saved. A week later I ordered my magazine. Can not wait until it gets here :)

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