Monday, October 11, 2010

CVS deal 10-10-10

Haven't posted my shopping deals on here in a long time but I decided I would. I have a lot of new people reading that have never heard of all this CVS stuff, so I will try to explain as I go. This is what I bought:

Jumbo Pampers (regular price 11.99) on sale for 8.99
Method Laundry Detergent 8.99
20 oz. Coke 1.59
total: $19.57

Scanned my CVS card and my green bag tag 
-$5 off $15 q
-$5 extrabucks
-free 20 oz. coke q
Total with tax 8.60
got back $6 extrabucks ($5 for the Method, $1 for green bag tag)
OOP = $2.60

Plus, I just took a CVS Advisor Panel survey and got $10 extrabucks. So next time I'll have $16 in free money to spend.

CVS= the most awesome store ever b/c they give you free stuff!
q= coupon
CVS extracare card= the little red card on your keychain. it really does save you money!
green bag tag= if you have your own reusable shopping bag, you get to scan this, and you get $1 back every 4 purchases
extrabucks= ECB's/extra care bucks (they print on the end of your receipt after you use your extracare card.)
$5 off $15= another coupon that prints on the end of your receipt. sometimes there are $3 of $15, or $4 off $20. don't throw them away or let them expire!
20 oz coke coupon= another one that prints at the end of you receipt. this has been going on for a while. it's a coca-cola promotion, it counts the cokes you buy and every 9th coke you get a free one. we use our the mycokerewards under the caps to get free cokes. then we get free cokes, from the free cokes!

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