Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby Yoga?

I am sooo extremely lazy, have not exercised once since Eli was born....but I bought this DVD just after Christmas and finally decided to try it out today.

We didn't do the full workout, I just wanted to get the feel of it. We will try to do it everyday, maybe with Alexis too, if I have enough energy. Today we did these sections:

helpful hints
pelvic tilts
neck curls
pilates: ab squeeze

busy mom mini-workouts
feel good mommy stretches
burn off post-baby belly
especially for baby (baby yoga)

Eli wasn't sure at first about Baby Yoga. He was more interested in grabbing the remote than stretching to the right and stretching to the left. But I'm sure he will get the hang of it after a couple more tries. The instructor, Jillian, has a baby boy named Max who at least kept Eli's attention for a good 30 minutes. Though I think Max's baby talk translated to "my mom's way skinnier than your mom hahaha!" or something close to that.

here's a link to it on amazon, i bought mine at target:

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