Monday, January 21, 2008


my 1st attempt. if you're clueless, check it out here:

the journaling says: "sometimes it's nice to play with someone your own size" something i realized the very first day i started babysitting alexis. eli has so much more fun playing with her than he does with me. sure, he smiles when i grab a toy and sit down on the floor with him, but when alexis is here i think he has a little more fun!!

now for my big grocery $$$ savings news:

so, we didn't really need to go grocery shopping right now...but i was on and someone posted about a good sale at albertson's, 10 for $15 + $5 back = 10 for $10 sale (a lot of mix and match food items) so i printed out the list and some additional coupons and this is what I got:

all this was 10/$10, so $1 each item
3 boxes hamburger helper -$1 coupon, so only .66 each box
fruit by the foot
betty crocker cookie mix
pop secret popcorn -$1 coupon, so FREE
betty crocker scalloped potatoes
grands biscuits
2 boxes toaster strudel -$1 coupon, so only .50 each box
2 boxes pizza rolls -$1.10 so only .45 each box
green giant peas -$1.00 so FREE

then i also got:
loaf of bread $1.29
24-pk ozarka water 3.99
4 tombstone pizzas 4/$10

grand total: 24.68


QallieQ said...

Wow, I think your "jack-scrap" is awesome, I will try and post mine later today... as for the questions i tried to read blogs to get a heads up too, but they were impossible... maybe if noone else tries you will win... well looking forward to seeing more of your layouts.

Shannon Parks said...

Cute Jack! I like your cute tag.

Anonymous said...

hey that's pretty awesome you can scrapbook your child way before he was born....lollllll

lindsay_2181 said...

haha matt i cannot seem to get used to this 2008 thing, but i WILL be fixing it on the layout! thanks for correcting me!

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