Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kick in anytime, Celexa

So...I had quit taking my "good girl pills" as Corey calls them, when I found out I was pregnant. After the miscarriage I felt like I probably needed them even more than ever, but I was taking all sorts of different pills for my complications, and wanted to wait to get it all out of my system before adding another one. So, a couple days ago I decided to start back on them. I know they take a while to "kick in" and I'm (im)patiently waiting........and waiting......and waiting. Anyday now would be great! I feel stressed over the stupidest little things. For some reason all of a sudden I expect the living room to be free of clutter and toys. Hello, I have a toddler, I should know better than that huh?! And I just want everything to be in working order (cough cough my OVEN!cough) and clean (cough kitchen floor cough) and things are just NOT goin' my way! WAAHHHH! Can I whine a lil bit??

So while I'm waiting, my temporary fix is cupcakes and CSI: Miami. My mother in law bought me seasons 1-3 on dvd 2 Christmases ago and I haven't seen 4-6 yet except maybe one or two episodes here and there when I caught them on tv. But I have recently started season 7 online....and am completely lost and have so many questions: Why is/was Delko seeing a therapist? Who shot him? What's up with him and Calleigh? Is Ryan a dirty cop now? I'm so confused!!!!!!!!!!

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