Friday, March 13, 2009

Second ordeal at the hospital....

I am now home from the hospital and my second d&c...the first one was on Thursday, 3/5/09, and I ended up going to the ER not even a week later on Wednesday, 3/11/09 with pain that seemed to be getting worse by the hour. Turns out I fell into the 1% of women who miscarry and have "product retention" as they call it, or part of the baby that was still trapped in my cervix along with some clots. So after another night spent in the hospital I had a second d&c, and was sent home on bedrest with more pain meds. I am extremely nauseated and utterly bored, I would LOVE a couple magazines right now. Maybe I will send Corey on a trip to the library for me.

My body hurts, my heart hurts....I wonder if I will ever hold another little baby, if Eli will get the little sister that I somehow think we need to make our family complete.

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Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Oh my word, honey. I'm so so sorry to hear all of this. I, too, have had D&Cs before, and know how painful it is mentally and physically *huge hugs*

One thing I did learn, is how fertile you are after it - hormones and the 'clean slate' as the doc called it. Thought it strange at first, but they were right.

Eli's little sister will come :) *gentle hugs*

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