Monday, April 6, 2009

being blissfully domestic on a budget

this week has been hard a little challenging. the half a paycheck corey got last pay period didn't stretch two full weeks. we ended up having to overdraw the account just to put gas in the truck to take anniston back home. we had to eat odds and ends from the cabinet, making some very unusual meals. i think b/t the three of us we've had scrambled eggs for 4-5 different meals lol. we still have two more days to go before payday rolls around again and i'm really debating spending my CVS extra bucks on a loaf of bread and a 2 liter coke. i decided to share some things you can throw together when you don't have much in the fridge or in the bank:

1-fried rice. a fave of mine, even when i'm not broke. so simple and good. cook some white rice and let cool (if you have leftover rice in fridge that works well) it's important for the rice to be cooled before starting. melt about 1/4 cup - 1/2 cup butter in a skillet, scramble one egg per cup of cooked rice. when the egg is cooked, add in the rice. stir in some soy sauce and salt. these are all ingredients that i usually have even when i have nothing. if you have meat or veggies you can add those but i personally like it plain.

2-cheese quesadillas. i always keep tortillas in the freezer, stock up on them when they are on sale. use cooking spray or butter in a skillet, sandwich shredded cheese b/t two tortillas and brown in skillet. makes a great snack! also, you can add meat or veggies if you like--chicken or ground beef, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes. good with sour cream and salsa.

3-mac n cheese. we USUALLY have a couple boxes of mac n can slice hot dogs or add cooked ground beef to turn it into more of a meal than a side dish.

OR you can do what i've been doing the past few days--eat pickles and cupcakes. those are two things that we ALWAYS have in the house lol.


Brooke said...

we also go through this every other pay period. It can be rough :-) We usually stock up on Hamburger Helper and those Contessa freezer meals whenever things are tight.

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

I LOVE your sight here, it is always so much fun to visit! Too funny about the pickles and cupcakes. At my house it would be chocolate chips and tator tots. Can't EVER be without them:)

Kristin K

Conny said...

ooooooooh, I love fried rice - never thought it was so easy to make!! way to go on making the food stretch til the next pay period.

Megan said...

pickles and cupcakes.... you must be pregnant! Check out my blog, I have lots of great frugal tips and I am doing an eating from the pantry challenge this month. Should be interesting!

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