Tuesday, April 14, 2009

to-do tuesday

yeah i kinda skipped out on this last time b/c i was in the "to-do" kind of mood. but, here i go again:

1- finish watching LOST
2- bake peanut butter cookies
3- deposit cash in the bank
4- bbq chicken for dinner tonight
5- laundry
6- unpack stuff in eli's bedroom
7- pay car insurance
8- renew library books
9- find a good baby wipes sale
10-vacuum living room and bedroom
11- upload pics from the weekend
12- finish this week's MP
13-clean inside car and truck--kids made a mess
14-clean my bathtub
15-clean hall bathroom
16-bring cans to recycling place
17- dodge phone calls from Office Depot credit card billing department YIKES! (i ended up making a deal with them finally)


carolscrapquilter said...

Uh, this to-do list has not been accomplished, and Eli is due to arrive home this evening. Now what??

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Way to go, look at you! :)

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