Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can we get rid of this thing already??

I mean, seriously! He looks so grown up other than that stupid thing in his mouth. I admit he's really cute making sucking sounds when he's sleeping but come on, not in the pictures!!



Anonymous said...

PawPaw and MeMe have noticed that he won't let it out of his sight since his meltdown after losing it last week. The good news is he probably won't EVER lose it again...imagine the time you will save not having to search for it. The bad news is he may have to beat up his classmates who make fun of him for still sucking on a pacifier in kindergarten.

lindsay_2181 said...

hmmm yeah he does try to drink out of his sippy cup and still hold it in his other fingers. we'll have to work on his kickboxing before kindergarten comes around.

laceylynn said...

I just have to say.....I TOLD U SO!!!! I love you both anyway!!!

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