Friday, April 3, 2009

meal plan (not monday LOL)

i will start back with the regular monday post but for now:

tuesday--for us: cheese quesadillas
for corey: italian shells and cheese hamburger helper
wednesday--for us: brisket, mashed potatoes and gravy
for corey: hamburger steak, rice and gravy
thursday--for us: fried rice
for corey: find something in fridge night
friday--hot wings and potatoes o'brien w/ cheese
saturday--bbq'ing with friends
sunday--cheesy hashbrown hamburger helper

Since Corey is now working night shift I sometimes feed him leftovers or something quick from the fridge that he can stick in the microwave when he gets home at 5am. Eli and I usually snack on something light. On weekends when Corey is home, we have "real meals" (and more dirty dishes BLAH!)

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