Saturday, January 23, 2010


Got the idea to do this from Miss Kim over at Walk With Us. Even though it's actually SATURDAY now, and I am up past my bedtime. Btw, that whole "Log Your Memory" thing looks pretty nifty!


Our bedroom is a blah green color. I NEED it to be this color, and soon. Any volunteer painters?

2- Have I mentioned that I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon? Yep. Never thought I would...wasn't too interested. I never thought I would need a phone that farted, had GPS, satellite radio, and all those billion other apps. But when Corey recently threw away my phone charger thinking it was "old and didn't work anymore" (whatever) I had to buy a new one. The charger was 14.99, but I found out I could just upgrade my phone for $19. So, I now have a phone that farts, has GPS, satellite radio, and all those other apps.....although I have yet to "do" anything with it but make a couple phone calls and texts. Corey says he will school me on all that other junk soon.

3- 23 lbs: that's how much I've gained so far during this pregnancy. I was aiming for no more than 20, but I'm already past that at 32 weeks, so I will just have to get over it. This will be our last baby so I can reclaim my body and try to get back in some sort of shape in a few months.

My friend Tonya totally surprised me by subscribing me to one of my fave mags. We had a Christmas exchange and she drew my name. She gave me the December issue along with a Starbucks GC. But it turns out it was the gift that keeps on giving, b/c I just received the January issue. Wondering where it came from, I asked her about it and she subscribed me. How cool is that?! Thank you Tonya!

5- Still working on my Project 365. I'm proud of myself for making it this far at least! I always want to do these fun things but I never follow through. It's day 22 and I haven't given up yet! I haven't figured out what I will do with the pics, or how to organize them, but as soon as I do, I will post my first 2 weeks here.

6- I'm still digital scrapbooking, and started working on some wedding pics yesterday. I can't believe it's been 3 years since we got married! Time sure does fly. Of those 3 years, I have been pregnant 3 times. A lot has changed in our lives!

7- Eli and I met Lacey today at CC's for coffee and to chat. We exchanged Christmas presents (finally) b/c they've only been sitting there over a month now. Eli has been tempted to rip them open several times. She gave me a CC's GC (yay, more coffee!) and gave Eli a Sir Topham Hat car and a TRU GC. We went there and he picked a Percy DVD that came with a Sodor Zoo train car that has a hippo in it. He also got a Matchbox "hairpwane." Thank you Miss Lacey!

8- Man, 10 things, really?! This is getting hard. (this one counts right?)

9- Just a random thing I remembered from earlier. Eli had some apple juice and when he was finished he brought me his empty sippy cup and the pancake syrup. He gave it to me and said "I need this juice pweeeease" and I was like "OMG no!!!" I can only imagine how hyper he would be after drinking straight syrup LOL!

10- Finally! Umm....hmm...lemme think. OH! This pregnancy is still making me have insane dreams. The other night Corey and I moved into my great-grandmother's house which was haunted with ghosts of Anniston and Eli, and I had to really look to tell the difference b/t "ours" and the fakers. And then last night, I was in the witness protection program. At least it's free entertainment!

And now that I am done with the list, goodnight!

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