Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 Things Friday

I kinda like this!

1- I'm overly ecstatic that Eli has started calling me "Mommy," instead of "Momma." I have always wanted to be called Mommy. I was a little dissapointed that he picked up momma early on and it stuck, but for some reason lately he has decided to change it. YAY!!!!

2- The end is near. (of this pregnancy) I am huffing and puffing, getting out of breath just sitting down, getting heartburn just from drinking water....I have gained 23 lbs and have come to the conclusion that I like my babies better on the outside than the inside! I am in the semi-nesting stage. There are lots of things I want to do, but am simply too tired to actually get up and do them.

3- Eli has finally started watching other dvd's besides Thomas. He still watches Thomas several times a day, but now he also asks for Zoby, "Bobb-a-Builllllder" and Elmo. Variety is nice sometimes.

4- Time to take down the Christmas tree! We are probably the last people with a Christmas tree still up. And the lights are still turned on almost everyday. We really need to take it down and make room for the pack-n-play. Which reminds me, we next year we will need an extra stocking!

5- Getting a new SIL: my brother is getting married in March (just 8 days after Jhett's due date) and I am excited to be getting a new sister-in-law who loves the color pink and cupcakes just as much as I do! In fact, her wedding shower is tomorrow and everything is going to be pink. We are all wearing pink, and will have a pink cake and pink napkins, and the gift I got them is pink too! (well part of it anyway). I wish Michael and Abbey all the best!

6- I don't know what's gotten into my husband lately but I like it! One night he washed the dishes for me, and another night he put up the leftovers and made the bed. I swear the bed was more comfortable that night and I asked him what his secret trick was. The sheets seemed so soft and the pillows were extra fluffy. He has the magic touch! I told him that might be his job from now on LOL!

7- FREE Dreft! Yay for anything free! Although I was disappointed to see that the Pampers Gifts to Grow program no longers offers Starbucks gift cards, I was able to cash in my points for a free 32 load bottle of Dreft. So I can wash all the newborn stuff and it will smell soooo good. And while I was picking that up at BRU, I found a perfectly good pair of cute 5T sweatpants, marked down to .50 because they were part of a 2 piece set. I guess someone stole the shirt? So, they got packed away into the box of big boy clothes. In a few years, Eli will fit in them haha.

8- I'm reading. I never read anymore. Not since I was required to in college. But I have a book called Miss American Pie, I got it a while back at the Dollar Tree. Can't beat that! It's about a girl growing up in the 1970's in Louisiana. So far I like it.

9- Paranormal Activity is the last movie we watched, earlier this week, free from Redbox. It was a bit misleading in that the beginning credits claimed it was based on true events. After watching it I found out that it was based on a compliation of true events in different peoples' lives, and the couple in the movie was completely ficticious. Had I known that, I might not have had nightmares...

10- And last but not least, I want to say how thankful I am for my family, especially my husband who works hard to take care of us, my parents and in-laws who are always willing to provide free babysitting and are there for us when we are in a pinch, and have helped us out tremendously. We are very blessed.

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