Sunday, January 31, 2010

New words

It's been a while since I posted but we have a couple new things now--

k butter= pudding
skeered, as in "I skeered da filaworks" (he was quite traumatized by the Christmas and New Years fireworks.) He also says "I skeered da dark" even though he isn't. Sometimes he says "I be skeered da dark" and it's pretty funny.
nu-nu's (boobies, hehe)
He adds the letter "D" onto the end of certain words, like broken, or on. He says "it's brokened," "i need the feedee (tv) on'ed"
yes sir- he hasn't quite gotten yes ma'am, so everyone male or female just gets a yes sir!
"come err" - come here, Nelly style
"what's that noise?" anytime he hears ANY thing, he has to ask all about it and is very dramatic.
"Oh no!" again, very dramatic
"Wook" instead of "look"
"I need want _____." Instead of using need or want, he uses both of them together.
"How bout dat?" (pointing to whatever he wants, spaghettios, pudding, etc.)
"Pwwwwease" for please, and when he says it he puts his hand up on his forehead for some reason!
"Ice skate shoes" Some of his shoes, he calls ice skate shoes. Don't know why.
"He got wheels" Anything that has wheels, he exclaims "he got wheels!"
"GeeGee" means wake up. He likes us to pretend sleep/snore, so he can yell "GeeGee!!" and laugh hysterically. He does NOT however, like it when he is sleeping and we wake him up by saying it.
When he hears a baby crying in public, he says "hear a baby kyging? he need milk!"
He has picked up a bad word, starts with a d, has a couple of m's, and ends with a t. can you figure it out?
"Hi Guys!" or "Come on guys!" He makes his hot wheels talk to each other and they say this to each other a lot.
"Scuse me!" (when he burps, or accidently runs into the refrigerator)
"Sit in a wap?" (asking to sit in your lap)
"Right now Momma!" This is just funny. Sometimes he just points his finger at me and says "Right now Momma! Right now!"
"Dippit" He loves to dip everything, in ketchup/bbq sauce/ranch...When you ask him if he wants to go to Chick-fil-a, he says "I go Chicky-chay, I gonna dippit!"
He ate his sandwich today and said "it's de-wishes" (delicious).
When he likes something, he "knocks" it, and when he doesn't, he "can't knock it"
He can identify most animals, all the basics, and less common ones like alligators, goats, foxes, sharks, whales, possums, eagles, etc. He loves to read and has lots of pictures books with animals.
He can say his ABC's with help.

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Hey girly, it's jen (clara's mom) from July 7 PR ;-) I am now following your blog!!!

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