Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So glad to have normal weather again...

We had this unusually cold weather, I think they said 8 days, of below freezing temps. It is not for me! To make matters worse, Entergy, our power company, were admittedly not equipped to handle the increased usage, causing equipment failure and leaving us in the cold for 10 hours one day and 13 hours the next day. I was not a happy camper. We were all bundled up in the house with long sleeves, extra socks, slippers, and blankets. In the picture, you can see what Eli wore the second day. I could not cook us a hot meal, we had no heat, were in the dark, it was just not fun all around. Eli of course, was more upset that he could not watch Thomas the Train. Every now and then we'd get in the car and get some heat, and just drive around for a change in scenery. Thankfully now we have our beautiful 72+ degree weather back. But yesterday I received an interesting voicemail from Entergy, politely informing us that they are planning to cut the vegetation around the power lines this week and although they do not anticipate this causing an outage, we should be prepared for the possibility. Are you kidding me?! LOL.

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