Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CVS 6/10 (or was it 6/11?)

sometime AROUND midnight, maybe a little after, not sure.....squeezed in a quickie shop. i was hoping they had gotten the truck so i could do my huggies deal. but my fave cashier was there, he said the truck will def be unloaded tomorrow. ("and how many coupons do you have for me today?" lol)since i was already there i didn't want to leave the store empty handed, so i grabbed:
1-8 ct. box of zantac (HAHA of course) $5-$5q= FREE
3-$1.79 shaving creams -1.50q's= .29/ea
1-$5 sippy cup for eli -$1q= $4
1-$2.50 Degree deodorant with free sample (my first 2.50 towards the dove deal)
1-$4.29 aquafresh toothpaste -$2CVSq=$2.29, i was expecting it to be .29 but price was marked wrong on the shelf. i'm debating whether to return or just suck it up.

-q's listed above
oop=1.42 paid on GC

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