Thursday, June 5, 2008

pampers galore

Thanks to CVS and all my coupon swap ladies who passed me their $2/2's, we now have a small stockpile of size 4's. I did get 2 packs of 3's but I'm not sure how much longer Eli will fit in them so we will be ready with the 4's. I split them into 2 transactions of course, b/c there was a limit of one $5 ECB per card. At 7.99 per jumbo pack, size 4 has 34 diapers, which comes out to .24 per diaper, which is supposedly a good deal. But after using the $2/2's, $3/15's and the ECB's, i calculated them to be about 1.5 cents each, MUCH better! 7.99x2=15.98-3/15=12.98-$2/2=10.98-10ECB=.98+tax=1.05/68=0.015441176 not the mention i EARNED $10 back in ECB's. Which I am rolling into the huggies deal!

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