Thursday, June 5, 2008

WAGS/CVS/free mail 6/4

I did WAGS and CVS yesterday. Also got this FREE 2G microSD memory card for my cell phone ("bought" it on through ebates using google checkout--ebates gave me $10 sign up bonus, plus 1% cash back on purchase, a google checkout has a $10 discount for first-timers. So it was free with free shipping, can't beat that!)

My WAGS came up to .77 cents. Not bad, but I COULD have gotten a FREE gillette 2-in-1 body wash/shampoo if the stupid q didn't beep. I will try another store. I combined the WAGS $1/1 q's with the mfgr's .55/1 SatinCare q's on the $2 sale priced ones. I used 2 1.50/1 fusion hydragel q's from the 6/1 paper, WAGS had them for $1 so I got $1 overage towards the SatinCare. Throw in another FREE 8 ct. zantac (i ALWAYS do lol) and that makes pretty much reimburses me for the gas it took to drive and pick up corey from work. Not bad!

After I picked him up, we stopped at CVS. First thing he said was, "oh lord, you're bringing your STUFF?" haha. I dropped off a prescription but they didn't let me use a $25 transfer GC b/c it was considered a controlled substance. So I asked if they would honor it one a prescription that Corey had filled the day before. They let me! So I used the $25 GC to pay for my meds and only had to come up with 7.99 oop--which i would have put on my other GC if it wasn't LOST right now. I used 2 .25/1 Dawn q's, $1/1 Secret flawless (tropical scent, ooh la la!) and $1/1 Huggies. The huggies turned out to be clearanced from 3.49 to 1.75, so after the $1 off, only .75 and after the $2 ECB I made from it, they paid me 1.25 to take it home! I also got a FREE after ECB 2pk of Oral B toothbrushes, a FREE bag of Chex mix with $1/1 and Corey got a mountain dew for behaving while I dragged him around the store. My total oop was 1.88, less than I had planned b/c of the huggies clearance. Used 12.97 ECB's but made back $11 ECB's.

And this last pic is my CVS trip from 6/1 that I never posted. Used pampers $2/2's again. Used $2/1 on Whitman's 3.97 Sale, FREE after ECB's on the bandaids, and 3 $1/1 on huggies. Didn't even use q's on the Dawn (didn't realize I had any!) and still only paid OOP=.10 which I put on a GC lol! Got back $15 ECB's.

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