Friday, June 13, 2008

CVS 6/12

(2) wipes @ 7.99/ea
(2) huggies wash @ 3.49/ea
-$2 wipes q's
-$4 wash q's
-$6.97 ECB's
total 6.99 + tax= $8.03 (paid for with a FREE Rx transfer GC)
But I got back $8 ECB's, so actually only .03 total.

So after the q's on the wash, I actually ended up with .51 overage on each one. I love when CVS pays me to take something out of the store for them! Plus I got an awesome discount on the wipes, something I really needed to buy soon. And, since I got 8 ECB's back, ($2 on each item I bought) you could apply the overage from the wash to the wipes and say I got the wash free and the wipes for 2.98/ea. Not bad at all! (And even better if you remember I technically didn't pay a PENNY oop b/c they GAVE me the transfer GC--I paid them my grand total of .03--with their own money!)

(2) huggies wash @ 3.49/ea
(2) fusion shaving cream @ 1.79/ea
-$2 wash q's (makes them 2.49/ea, minus the $2 ECB on each=only .49/ea)
-$3 fusion q's (makes them .29/ea)
total 5.56 paid with FREE Rx transfer GC
But I got back $4 ECB's, so actually only 1.56 total. (but again not even out of my own pocket!)

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