Monday, June 23, 2008

Made my mom some ECB's last night

When my mom came to bring Eli back from the weekend, we made a quick trip to CVS. She had $10 ECB's from the Olay Deal. We got 3 Smart Rinses, I paid the extra .47 on my GC and kept them, since she didn't want them. I already had 8, but hey! they're free! So that got her 10.47 in ECB's. Her prilosec was on sale 25.99 and get back $3 ECB's. So we used a $4/20 welcome q, along with a $1 off manu. q.
.99 tea
total: 26.98
-10.47 ECB's
11.51 oop (she had another $2 ECB but accidently didn't use it. So she COULD have had only 9.51 oop but it's okay, I rolled the $2 for her in the next transaction)

she got back $3 ECB's from that. Plus she still had the $2 ECB's from before.

so I went back last night, and got her some toothpaste. Colgate Total was on sale for 2.49, and get back $2 ECB's.

2.49 (x2)= 4.98
-1.50 manu q's (x2)
total= 1.98
got back $4 ECB's-----Money Maker! (of course this is the simplified version. I got the toothpaste along with a couple other things for me, using a $4/20 and some other q's.) She left me with $5 ECB and she now has $6 ECB's. I will try to figure out a couple other things to do for her during the week.

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