Monday, July 6, 2009

Diapers on the cheap

I went CVS'n today. I purposely went in there to FIND something to spend my $3 ECB's on...(somewhere I have another $1 ecb, it's missing!) They had free (after ECB) CVS brand tape and 2/$1 (after ECB) dawn dish liquid. So I did those deals and just paid with my debit card since it was $3.7x and I had no cash, only my ECB's. I got back $1.49 and $1 ecbs's from that. Then I used those, plus the $3 ECB's, plus a $1/1 pampers q, to purchase a jumbo pack that was 11.99 on sale for 8.99 this week. So 8.99
- $1 mfr,
5.49 ecbs
= 2.50 total NOT BAD HUH??


Summer said...

Sweet deal!

carolscrapquilter said...

I have three more of those Pampers coupons for you!

lindsay_2181 said...

hopefully we won't NEED three more packages of diapers......eli really likes his big boy drawers!

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