Sunday, July 5, 2009

Product Review

I decided to start posting product reviews now and then, and I will start with a recent purchase (from CVS of course!) Now, to be fair I got this deeply discounted and the expiration listed on it is 7/09. Still, I had high expectations for this product....

Laugh if you will, but my recent pregnancy/miscarriage have wreaked havoc on my hormones and I have had to deal with all sorts of problems since then. I felt I already had a good skincare routine but it obviously was not working, so I decided to try out some new products. No, I didn't want to shell out 99.95 for some infomercial package (though at least that one has a money back guarantee!) So I browsed the shelves at my local CVS and found Skin Effects brand on clearance. Frugal me, went prepared with a coupon for additional savings. My final price was about $8 for this supposed $19.95 retail product.

The package mentioned something about seeing a difference within 3 days. I have been using it for about 4 days now, with no real positive results. In fact today I saw a new spot starting to crop up under my skin. But I will keep using it a while longer just in case.

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