Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fearless to Phobic?

Anyone who knows Eli would probably call him fearless. This is the boy who does acrobatics off of the furniture, runs away in stores, picks up bugs off the ground, plays with scary toys like HULK SMASH! etc.

But over the past two weeks he has become afraid of lots of things. It really surprised me tonight that he cried at the Chick-fil-a playground. He did not want to climb to the top, he went to the door and said "bye bye bye bye bye bye" in a panicked little voice. He also hid under the table and behind my legs earlier when we got a little rain. The wind was blowing our screen door back and forth and the squeaky noise sent him into hysterics.

Even the crinkling of a plastic bag has him jumping into my lap and holding onto my neck for dear life with a pained look on his face.

I know this is all part of toddlerhood and we will find ways to deal with it but it seems odd that it happened so quickly.

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Summer said...

Awww poor boy. Kyler is completely fearless and it freaks me out. lol One thing sometimes freaks him out though and that is very loud noises. That's about it for now. Kenya was my more cautious, nervous child. She's sure not anymore!

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