Friday, July 17, 2009

Jealous much?

So yesterday was the first day of my new babysitting job. Maddy is 21 months and will be coming over M-F for about a month or so. Eli was immediately possessive of his mommy, wrapping his arms around my legs marking his territory. He put his hands over his eyes and wouldn't look at her. He shoved all the cookies in his mouth at one time so she couldn't have any. It took them a while to warm up to one another but I guess that's only normal. They ended the day on a good note and he even cried when her mom took her home. I reassured him she'd be back in the morning when he woke up! Here are a couple shots throughout the day--including the ones of him throwing himself to the floor, covering his face with his shirt so he didn't have to see me holding her, and her tata-ing (sp?) him, telling him "it's okay!"

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Just Being Me said...

Aww, he will appreciate his playmate soon enough!! Cute!

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