Thursday, July 9, 2009

Look Ma, No Diaper!

So Eli and I had a date with MeMe today, we went all sorts of places, and bought all sorts of things. Soon I realized I had forgotten to bring diapers along for the trip and when Eli was sitting in his high chair at IHOP saying "poo poo" I prayed he was just joking with Mommy. But the lovely smell that soon drifted out proved otherwise. Luckily he was wearing his new big boy underoos over his diaper. We didn't have much of a choice other than for him to wear those until we got back home. So I took him to the bathroom and explained to him that he was going to wear his big boy underwear and he couldn't pee pee in them or he would get all wet. Of course my advice appeared to go in one ear and out the other. But even after a lengthy visit to Jo-ann's Fabric Store, he made it all the way home and managed to stay dry! I certainly hadn't planned a public outing sans pampers this soon, but I was so proud of him!

And now....he is going to model them for you:

Ta Da!

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Summer said...

Awwww too cute!

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