Monday, July 20, 2009

Motivation (or lack thereof)

You know how you have all these things you someday plan to do? I'm not talking big dreams here...I'm talking small, ordinary, everyday "chores" like..."oh, I'm gonna fold that laundry that I tossed on the floor yesterday" or, "Next week, I am totally gonna finish painting those baseboards in the kitchen!" But nope....doesn't happen. What is it, besides a kick in the rear, that will MAKE me get up and DO this stuff? I get on these 2-3 day long mini sprees where I actually surprise myself with accomplishment but then it never fails, I always come to a standstill. Then I sit down on the couch, eat some ice cream (never straight from the container though) and just LOOK at the rest of the stuff that is on the to-do-haha-yeah-right list. I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day, and even if there were more I would find something better to do with them rather than waste them on this stuff. I just don't have a good concept of time management. I have TONS of ideas swirling around in my head but they just don't always materialize. Sure, part of it involves being a SAHM to a 2 year old but I can't blame him entirely....I was this way before he was around and I freely admit it. I used to be worse actually. I used to have rubber maid boxes full of gallon size ziploc bags of "stuff" including school papers, random receipts, change, cut up credit cards, etc. I then realized, I could toss out anything from college as I would surely never need it again, and any receipts for anything that has already been consumed and cannot be returned to the store LOL. I got rid of lots of junk that I had been pointlessly hauling around each time I moved. It felt good to "clean house" and I am a lot better about not accumulating things these days. But, I still don't fold my laundry fresh from the dryer, or go through the junk mail pile on the kitchen bar, or dust ANYTHING.....or finish all these unfinished projects. I wish there was this magical team like the Merry Maids, that would come over and do my to-do list FOR me......guess there's no such thing as that hmmmm?

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